A cat and a catch up…

I have had a bit of a stressy day today.

My cat has been at the vets to be neutered.  First a little back story….Some of you may remember that I have mentioned Marshall in previous posts.

I miss my boy…

Well Marshall is no more…It’s a story that don’t want to go deeply into because it still upsets me so much but the short version is that on the 29th September 2014 he was run over…by our neighbour! The car broke his back and he had to be euthanized. I am still devastated and find it hard to tell the story without crying…and getting furiously angry because my arsehole of a neighbour has still never apologised for what he did.   Accidents happen, I understand that but I still think he owes us one hell of an apology.  Anyway…a few months ago a friend of ours gave us a kitten.  I didn’t think I was ready but the second I laid eyes on him I was in love…

We called him Jackson, he is now just over 6 months old and today I took him to be neutered 😦  It’s not something I really like to do and we did weigh up the pros and cons before getting it done.  Today was the day and he’s taken it like a champ.  In fact he’s already playing with toys (carefully) in the kitchen.  Yes, I caved and bought him a ‘guilt present’.  I am such a wimp.  While I still hurt deeply for Marshall, Jackson has helped to put a smile back on my face.

Jackson at 8 weeks
Jackson at 8 weeks
Jackson at 12 weeks
Jackson at 12 weeks
Jackcon today
Jackson today

So there you go, you are now fully up to date on the cat-saga.

The other thing that’s happened today that has caused me stress is the saga of the buses but I’ll save that for a post for the weekend.

Before I go, I just want to show you this…


I am pretty happy with myself…I jumped on the cross-trainer with the plan to do another 10 minutes but I felt so good that I carried on for 15 🙂 My next workout is tomorrow but I’m going to stick with 10-15 minutes as I don’t want to push my luck. I’ll try and go for longer next week…maybe.

That’s it for now…have a great weekend everyone!


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