Just a quick update…

Hi guys.  Just a quick update as I am so tired I think I might face-plant my desk…

I have stuck with the cross-trainer since I last posted.  I have been trying to push myself this week after taking it gently last week.  Both Tuesday and today I quite comfortably managed 30 minutes.


Today was the first time that I have been to work and then worked out when I got home.  I work in a clothes shop, on my feet for the entire shift but I really didn’t want to let myself down by not doing it.  Once I got started it was easier than I thought. That said, I am going to stick at 30 mins for a while and see how things go.

Something has happened since I last posted…

Remember this post?  It was about being treated very badly by a friend, I was very upset about it at the time.  Then there was the update here…Well when I wrote the update, it was because I had received a friend request from Miss B. I agonised over it for days but in the end I decided not to go there again and I deleted the request. Then last weekend I received a message from an old friend, Mrs F saying that she has bumped into Miss B and that she had asked her if she would pass a message on to me.  The message was that Miss B wanted the chance to explain herself.  She admitted that she had been stupid in the way she behaved and wanted to explain. If I am honest I’m not really interested in anything she has to say because it has taken just over three years for her to decide this but I am intrigued to hear what possible excuse she can come up with for treating me that way.  I have no interest in speaking to her so I told Mrs F to give her my email address and if she really wants to explain she can do it that way.  Five days later I am still waiting…I’ll post about it if I do hear anything from her but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Jackson is doing fine. No one would ever know that he’s had anything done because he has continued to be his normal delinquent self.  He spends most of his time out in the garden and then comes home to crap! Clearly he is stupid and a delinquent.

Time for some World of Warcraft while I wait for Steve to get home from band practice…

Until next time, be safe 🙂


2 thoughts on “Just a quick update…

  1. Haha. My cat would do the same thing – outside all day, come home to use the litterbox, and then head out again to do whatever cats do outside all day! I thought it was just him!

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