I’m alive…

Hi Everyone!

Yes I know, I haven’t been here in a long time, but I am going to try to post a bit more if I can.  My family and work circumstances have changed a fair bit since I was last blogging seriously two years ago and that’s really the only excuse I have that and laziness I suppose.   I can’t promise anything but I will try to blog.  Anyway….

I have not run or taken part in any form of exercise in a long time.  All the good work I did while training for Billie’s 5K has been undone and I have gained probably 2 stones in weight.  I look awful and I don’t feel much better either.  Something needs to give.

Two months ago I bought a cross trainer from a friend.  When we bought it home we put it down in the kitchen folded up and that’s where it has stayed…gathering dust and getting in the way.  Well yesterday I actually dragged it out into the middle of the kitchen, unfolded it and used it…and guess what? I didn’t die! It was a small victory as I only managed 10 minutes but I hadn’t planned to get on it and when I did I thought  ‘well five minutes should be OK’ but when I looked down at the screen and saw that the five minutes was done I realised I actually felt Okay. So I stayed on for another five. When I got off after 10 minutes my legs were still attached 🙂

I have some stuff to do today but after that is done I am going to dig out my old running clothes (and pray they will fit on my big ass) and then see if that 10 minutes on the cross trainer was a fluke.  I’ll let you know if it was 🙂

So, I am going to try.  It’s all I can do.   It will be one baby step at a time but I am going to try.  I will also try to blog about it and while I am there I will touch a little on what’s been going on around here too.

Before I go though, here is a little update…April just gone was the third anniversary of me quitting smoking…yes three years! How fast was that?!


6 thoughts on “I’m alive…

  1. Good to see you back – maybe we can inspire each other on our trip to fitness? ‘Gratz’ regarding the non-smoking achievement. That is seriously good.

  2. Well done on still not smoking , you should feel better starting the running again not smoking. Take it steady and enjoy it!! doownoad a c25k plan x

    • Thanks Nicci, I was thinking about it last night actually and I did think that hopefully it would be easier with 3 years of no smoking under my belt…I hope so. Definitely baby steps to start with though 🙂

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