MRI’s and Michelle…

As you know, I haven’t really been blogging much lately.  There are various reasons for this but my main one is that I have been on a ‘Doctor enforced running ban’ and so I haven’t really had that much to talk about.  I have been a pretty poor health lately which started just before Christmas when I had a very strange and terrifying  turn which resulted in an ambulance being called and me being taken to A & E.  I found myself in a stressful situation and during this stress I had the most incredible pain in my head which literally put me on the floor.  It felt like someone has crept up behind me and hit me around the back of a head with a cricket bat and I am not kidding…not even a little bit!  I spent to night in the hospital and they gave me injections of pain relief and anti-sickness medication and as soon as I could I went to see my GP.  My GP is great, he always takes me seriously and never makes me feel like he doesn’t have time for me.  When I told him what had happened and explained that it had happened a second time a few days later he decided to refer me to a Neurologist as he was concerned that I may have had a brain bleed.  The neurologist decided to send me for an MRI, which was done two weeks ago and while I was waiting for the appointment he told me not to run.  Today I received a letter to say that I am all clear and that the MRI was normal.  I cannot tell you how much of a relief this is.  I just need to check with my GP as I have now been referred back to him but hopefully I will up and running soon.

During this few weeks while I have been waiting for appointments and letters I have also had more problems with my back caused by nothing more than sitting down in my office chair to heavily.  I had almost 2 weeks of agony and I could hardly walk let alone run.  The first week it was so bad that I couldn’t be left on my own for very long as I couldn’t climb the stairs to the toilet without help from Steve.  Thankfully it’s all OK now.

Moving on…who remembers this?

With my best friend Michelle
With my best friend Michelle

The beautiful and amazing woman who ran this race with me is my best friend Michelle.  Michelle has been very poorly with a potentially very serious illness for the last few months and has spent the best part of the last two months in hospital.  She is not at our local hospital so I haven’t been able to visit her and I miss her so much.  It’s been a really stressful time for me so I can only imagine how Michelle and her family feel.  I just want to say get well soon Michelle and I love you loads. Please send some positive thoughts her way.

On to something a bit happier….Last Tuesday (2nd April) was the one year anniversary of me giving up smoking.  A year has flown by so fast and so much has happened to Steve and I in that year.  Some of those things have only made me want to stay off the cigarettes more and some of those things have made me want to spark up a cigarette even more, but I have made it!  I have managed to do it without a single relapse.  Now that I have done a year I feel that I really can say that I am a non-smoker.


That’s it for now but I promise to try and blog a bit more often..speak soon guys….

10 thoughts on “MRI’s and Michelle…

  1. Great to have you back! And congrats on your year of smoke-free living!!
    Hope you and Michelle are doing better in the coming months!

  2. Wow! Things happen so fast and sometimes we aren’t sure why. Stay strong and stay positive. Hugs and best wishes to both you and Michelle – and welcome back to bloggyworld. I’ve been out for awhile also. Positive thoughts for a healthier future going your way…
    And CONGRATS on the one year smoke free – that’s awesome!!

  3. Oh my goodness, that would have been scary! I’m so glad you are okay and the MRI was normal! I hope you don’t ever experience that again!
    Congrats on 1 year smoke-free!! What a great accomplishment!
    I will send some prayers for your friend…*hugs* xo

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