Bad Girl…

I am a bad Blogger.  A bad, bad Blogger.  I have not posted since New Year’s day and even then I cheated.  I do have excuses, some good, some bad,  but the best I have to offer is that I have been poorly since December and have a specialist appointment later this month to get to the bottom it.

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Pic courtesy of

I have done no running since Billie’s 5K and therefore had very little I felt I wanted to write about.  My eating and sleeping habits are pretty shoddy at the moment and I really need to try hard to get back into a routine and to stop eating so much crap.  However I now feel that it is time to get back on the running horse…I have treated myself to some new running gear and I am going to start the Couch to 5K again at some point over the coming days, probably Monday. I also know that I will train better with some motivation so I am going to start looking for another 5K to aim for. I have been looking at The Milton Keynes MoRun which is in November or Movember as I should say 🙂  I am not sure yet but I will keep you updated.  If anyone knows of any local events taking place later on this year feel free to comment.  I considered doing the Big Fun Run again but this years race is taking place in July and I really hate the idea of running in the heat.  Last year I did my July training either early morning before it got hot or late evening when the temperature was going down.  What can I say, I just hate the heat.

11 Months Today!
11 Months Today!

It is 11 months today since I quit smoking.  It has flown by hasn’t it?! I can’t believe that on April 2nd it will be the first anniversary.  I really do feel so much better. I am so proud of myself…I went from 40 a day to zero a day overnight.  The key all along was to find something I loved more than smoking…and that was running. I can be 100% honest and say that although there has been a couple of times where I just wanted to say ‘to hell with it!’ and smoke a cigarette, I have not even taken a puff.

I will update you again once I have been out for my first run of the year…yikes! 😉



12 thoughts on “Bad Girl…

  1. 11 months!? Already? Really? Congratulations!! Looking forward to following your training. And hope your specialist visit goes well.

  2. Wow, I remember the post saying you would stop smoking, so great that you have stuck with it! As for running, get back on it! My suggestion would be to sign up for a 5k race that will take place sooner rather than later to keep the sense of urgency. Change “try” to “do” and “probably” to “will” and you will reach your goals just like you did with smoking. You got it!

  3. It’s great that you’re writing again, even if it’s been a while. I don’t hold that against you! Better to write with meaning than to write out of obligation. Congratulations on defeating the cigarettes!

  4. You have been gone a long time! I know it took me a long time to read this but I’m finally catching up on all my blogs.

    CONGRATULATIONS on no smoking! That is sooooo great!

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