Germs, germs and more germs…

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Yes it’s been a while again, I know.  I will be honest with you, I haven’t written anything here because I just didn’t have anything interesting to say and I would rather be quiet if I have nothing nice to say. My health has been terrible with 3 colds in a month, the last one of which lasting just over a week and now an upset tummy.  I have not run or taken any exercise of any kind since September.

So after the most crappy week of illness I have had in ages, I had a three-month Vitamin D check-up with my Doctor today.  I almost called and cancelled because I felt so awful when I woke from three hours of rubbish sleep but then I remembered that I also needed to have my Blood pressure done as that has been way too high.  I did smile to myself for a second there…cancelling my Doctor’s appointment because I am ill…yup you read that right 🙂 I had good news and bad news…The good news is that after 3 months of treatment my Vitamin D level has gone from 14 to 75.  I do still need to take that disgusting Calci-chew crap but I should start feeling some improvement with my pain levels soon.  My B.P had come down a bit (good) but my pulse is very high again (not so good) and although we have been trying to avoid using them, my G.P has now prescribed me Beta-Blockers.  We have been a bit reluctant to use these up till now because the last time we tried it I had a nasty and very scary reaction to them but I have been given different ones to try and I have to go back in four weeks.  I was going to start running again in January but now it looks like I need to wait a little longer before I go back to it.  I think walking while I get my pulse sorted is the way forward for now.


On a brighter note, I became an Auntie again on 20th November.  My brother became a Dad again, to another daughter, called Isobella.  She is beautiful and I can’t wait to meet her properly.  She looks just like her Mommy but she does look a little like me as a baby (according to my Dad anyway).


10 thoughts on “Germs, germs and more germs…

  1. I tell you what Jules, you have a really inspiring attitude. You suffer quite badly from illness but never really complain which are the signs of a strong person. Maybe get back on the Wii for some gentle exercise (says me – the fat man. Lol)

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