Today I am feeling quite under the weather and I was going to just do a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post and throw a load of pics up but you know me…even my ‘Wordless Wednesday’ posts are not wordless so I decided that making an effort would probably make me feel better.

First of all, although I did actually do stuff this month, none of it included running or exercise of any description.  My bones have been quite painful over the last few weeks and I do have an appointment in early November for a follow-up on the Vitamin D deficiency thing but I plan to try to run a bit next month after I have spoken to my GP.

At the start of October I had to go into town and I finally got to see Greg Rutherford’s gold post boxes.  Greg won gold for the men’s long jump.  I was really excited when I saw them even though London 2012 feels like it was a long time ago.  They brought back some really happy memories of the Summer and London 2012.

Greg Rutherford’s gold post boxes

Earlier in the month it was the second anniversary of Billie-Jane’s passing and I travelled by train to spend a couple of days with my brother, Paul and Dad.  We laid flowers at Billie’s head stone and just spent a little quality time together.  Steve wasn’t able to come with me this time and as we are never usually apart, I missed him like mad but I came home feeling that I healed a little bit.

On the train…
Another train shot…

Last weekend Steve, myself and the children went to Northampton to visit Steve’s Mum and Brother, go to the fair and have dinner.  We had a lovely afternoon/evening despite the weather being very wet.

Northampton architecture
Northampton architecture

The fair was awesome.  Steve and the kids went on various rides.  Personally I don’t like fair rides and I don’t really find amusement parks very amusing but I do love to see my family enjoying themselves, for me this is fun.

No one volunteered to go on this one…
I was standing underneath this ride to get the picture and it really did go that close to the building. Steve went on this later on.
Not for all the tea in China would I go on this but steve did and he held his arms up all the way through…
This one looked like fun but the kids said it was quite violent when it went up and down…
That’s my excuse sorted then…

I opted for something a little more sedate…

Steve walked through the Haunted House and said that parts of it were actually a little scary.I would have crapped my pants of this I am sure…

The children went on the Waltzers twice.  The last time I went on one of these it made me vomit and the ten-year old I was supposed to be looking after ended up looking after me.  The lasers on it were pretty impressive though…

This was the highest swing ride I have ever seen! The swings actually went all the way to the top of that tower!

After the fair, the best bit…Pizza Hut 🙂

Chicken Supreme…Yum!

I did have salad too 🙂

Last week, my Youngest brother Mat completed his training and is now a Constable in the Queensland Police Service.  Obviously I couldn’t go to Australia to watch his passing out parade but I did get to see a video of it on YouTube.  I am so proud of him.  Here he is on the day of the parade with his girlfriend, Erin…

I am very proud of you Little Brother!

As today is Halloween, Steve and I carved pumpkins with the kids.  This is my favourite time of year and love carving the pumpkins.

Zak’s pumpkin
Alisha’s pumpkin
Sinister siblings…

I was right…I do feel better for writing a full post 🙂

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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