I don’t often re-blog other peoples posts but while catching up on all the blogs I read, I came across this and it truly made me proud to part of the Human race.


I’d like to point you back to this post where I stated I would be doing “30 Acts of Deliberate Kindness” for the month of September.

When I started this journey, I had no idea what to expect.

I had made a point that I wanted to carefully plan all of my acts, but as the days passed I started to notice that sometimes opportunities to encourage others come up sporadically.

And truthfully, there is something very wonderful and genuine about seeing something/someone and instantly reacting with kindness.

Though my 30 days have ended, I feel like a spark was lit within me.

I fully intend to continue to be deliberately kind, daily.

So without further ado, here is how I spent my September!

September 1:

I returned a shopping cart for an elderly woman in the Michael’s parking lot.

The old lady unpacked her cart and started looking around…

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3 thoughts on “Re-blog…

  1. Truly inspirational. Evidence that there are some nice people in this world and it didn’t come in the form of one of those tacky ‘like this’ story that you see on Facebook. Well worth sharing.

    • Thanks Alex, I totally agree! Andi is such an inspiration, I will defiantely follow her lead when I can. Just think how wonderful this world would be is more people did that!

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