It’s been a while…

Yes it has hasn’t it?!

I have been keeping my head down a bit if I am honest.  My health has been crap…my back/hips/pelvis have been causing me some pain over the last few weeks and for a couple of weeks after my last run I had the shin splints from hell! Needless to say I have not run for at least 4 weeks.  I have been busy getting my teeth fixed over the last couple of months and although they are not 100% done, they are considerably better and I no longer have to live on a diet of Angel Delight.

This Friday will be the second anniversary of Billie-Jane’s death and I can already feel that pain in my chest getting worse as the days go by.  Thursday I am travelling by train to the town where my Dad lives so that I can be with him and Paul on the actual day.  We will then visit Billie in the cemetery where her ashes are buried, it’s the same cemetery that my Grand-parents and Auntie Frankie are all buried.

Our little star!

It might be because of the looming anniversary, I don’t know but for the last two weeks I have been considering throwing in the towel.  I always feel like I have to fight against something to become a runner and I start to get somewhere but then my various ailments start to play up and I have to stop again.  It feels like a struggle almost all the time.  When I crossed that finish line with Michelle last month after so many set-backs and problems there was no feeling like it.  I even gave up smoking so that I could be a better runner (2nd Oct was the 6 month anniversary) but I am not sure if I should continue.  Maybe I just need another goal?  I will leave it until after Billie’s anniversay before I make any decisions.

I will try to post later in the week.



7 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. I’m 50 years old Jules and keeping healthy and avoiding injuries is usually my number one goal. Much more important than achieving a certain distance or time. Just keep plugging away at it girl. Constant forward motion.

  2. If your goals change there is nothing wrong with that. But just remember that the best things are worth fighting for. And I have no doubt that Billie-Jane is looking down from heaven cheering her Auntie on. Big fat hug from me lady xoxoxo

  3. I have pretty much given up running due to hip pain, but am still discovering fun things to do for fitness. You may throw in the towel on running, but you don’t need to throw in the towel on healthy living! Billie-Jean blessed you by leading you to give up smoking…let her memory continue to lead you on a healthy journey. You are awesome! xoxo

    • Thanks Caroline. I am due another blood test to check on the Vit D deficiency thing, the Doc did say that it might because my body cannot absorb the vitamin but the only way to tell that at the time was to take the meds for a couple of months then re-test. I will probably have one more serious attempt, but if that test comes back with bad news I will have to quit the running and try soemthing else. You are right though, I did quit smoking and I did finish Billie’s race so I don’t regret a single thing!

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