Tuesday Evening with The DLRR

I have had a few days off from running since Billie’s 5k last week. I have missed it but I have stuff going on. Our good friend and Guild Master, Scott aka The Grumpy Gamer came to visit us for marathon week of computer gaming.  He arrived a couple of days early in order to come to the 5k and cheers Michelle and I on.  It’s been great week and I just want to say thank you to Scott for your support and your visit, it’s been awesome.

During Scott’s visit, I think Marshall started to feel a bit left out…

Ok, so he is cute but still a pain in the arse!

He was a complete pest all week, just to get a bit of attention…he also likes to show off when we have guests.

So, like I said I had a few days off after the 5k but I went back to it tonight.  Some of you may remember me joining a beginners group back in February with the David Lloyd Redway Runners (DLRR) but I had to give up due to the pelvis pain I was having…well tonight I returned to the DLRR and their new Beginners course.  It was a lot bigger than the last one I attended because the word has now got out there and I think that is testament to what a great club DLRR is.   Firstly, I walked through the door and bumped into fellow blogger Chip!  As soon as I saw her I recognised her and she recognised me.  It was brilliant to finally meet her, especially as I have been reading her blog since I started running back in January.  She ran some of tonight’s run with me and  it was great 🙂  I also saw an old work colleague there too, it was great to see her and catch up.

Everyone from DLRR is full of encouragement and they do a great job on their beginners courses.  Hopefully, I get to see this one through to the end…fingers crossed because I love running and I would really love to become a full member of this amazing club.  We ran 1.5k along the beautiful canal path.  This time the trainer Andy.  He explained things really well.

I have homework this week…which if I am honest I am worried about but I will be out there trying my best.  It will at least give me something to write about eh?!

When I started the course back in February, I was still smoking 30 a day.  It has been 5 months since I quit smoking and the difference was massive.  There was no burning in my chest and I could feel how my body was able to use oxygen more efficiently.  Giving up smoking was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I think that maybe once or twice a week I think to myself, Oh, I could do with a cigarette, it lasts about 15 seconds and then I mentally slap myself and move on to something else so I think I have pretty much cracked it now.

My next run should be Thursday so see you then 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Evening with The DLRR

  1. There is a local running group that I’ve been procrastinating on joining – this post nudged me a little closer to doing it. 🙂
    Congrats on your continued smoke-free life too!!

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