Almost Wordless Wednesday…

Betcha do 🙂

How can something that was once so cute…

Marshall at 9 weeks

Do something like this??

Thank you Marshall for leaving it right in the middle of the lawn…

Steve to the rescue…

Thank you Steve 🙂

In other news…

I am selling my Bass guitar & Amp 😦

4 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday…

    • A mouse, its not as big in real-life/death as it looks 🙂 He may be cute there but he is now 4 years old and really naughty in fact, this past 3 or 4 days he has been a complete pain in the ass…I do love him though 🙂

    • I have to be honest this is the first time Marshall has ever brought anything home like this. I have always said that he coudn’t catch a cold…maybe one of his pusscat pals killed it for him?! Who knows?!

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