I am re-blogging this as it tells the story of our wonderful Billie-Jane and why I decided to embark on this journey. The main event is weekend and I can’t wait.

Jog On Jules

Over the last few days, I have picked up quite a few new subscribers/followers so first of all, welcome!  I thought now would be a good time for this post as it includes history about me and also explains why I have chosen to walk run this path.  It also explains a little about Billie-Jane and her illness, which I have not done much of since starting Jog On Jules.  A shorter version of this post was recently featured on Fitblogger.

I am 37 years old; I was born in the decade of bright, gaudy wallpaper and disco music.  As a child I was quite active and would cycle for miles on my Chopper push bike.

I enjoyed cross-country running and Netball until I reached my teens, when my interest turned to music and computer games…and that’s how I stayed.  The next 20 years of my life were spent avoiding…

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