Almost Wordless Wednesday

This is not really going to be a Wednesday post because I can never resist the temptation to comment on the pictures…


The other day, Alisha and I made cupcakes.  They look random but they tasted great.  My teeth would only let me have one.  Marshall also managed to jump onto the kitchen work top and steal one so that put him in the dog house…talking of Marshall…

How cute?

He may look very cute here but this picture was taken a few minutes ago, just after he stole my office chair! Here is the evidence…


As I type this post I am sitting on a dining chair and Marshall is in my office chair.  Along with cupcakes and office chairs, Marshall also steals socks and pants.  It appears that I am only the boss when Marshall lets me.

Moving on…

Very cool

We went to my Mother-in-Laws for dinner last Sunday and my Brother-in-Law showed me this….A lego R2-D2!! I love it.  Star Wars = Awesome and Lego Star Wars is even better.  He also has The Tower Bridge and some other very cool stuff but as they are moving house at the weekend the other models has been broken up and boxed ready to go.  I will get pics when he builds them again. R2-D2 measures over 12” (31 cm) high and 7” (18 cm) wide, he is really tall and pretty awesome.

Peace Love and Fairy Boots?

I have ordered a new T-shirt to run in…Here is the back view not that I will be passing anyone so that they can see it 🙂

I will be in front of everyone and they will see the back of my shirt…NOT!
The world of Azeroth is safe once more!

Last Sunday, my World of Warcraft Guild, Ring of Fire finally killed the end of expansion boss, Deathwing.  We have been working for over a year to do this so we are very pleased.  This game content is current so it is pretty difficult.  We have been chipping away at the Dragon Soul raid every Sunday night for over a year.  There was a lot of cheering and shouting.  Well done guys!  Geek gush over 🙂

One of my favourite chick flicks EVER!

Yesterday would have been Patrick Swayze’s 60th birthday…Wow, hold old to I feel?!  I remember Dirty Dancing being released in 1987, I was 13 years old.  Point Break was my favourite Patrick Swayze film.  Patrick was pretty cool in my opinion.

Well, that’s it from me today.  I will finish with a question…not the obvious ‘What’s your favourite Patrick Swayze film?’ question, although feel free to tell me if you wish, I don’t mind.

My question is this…Do you have a pet that steals things?

Until the next time


Ps – Billie’s 5k is 11 days away! eeek!


6 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday

  1. My cat is also a office chair-stealer. If you are in “her” chair and she wants it, she will come and sit on your lap. Nope, not because she is a lap kitty, but because she wants you to get up so she can have the chair all to herself.
    Your little guy is a cutie!

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