Grassy shoes and gold medals…

This morning I ran on my own for the first time.  I was a bit worried how I would do as it is so much easier to slack off when there is no one there to answer to but I am happy to report there was no cheating 🙂  I ran the whole lot and even dug deep when the last run interval started to get really tough.  I changed my route slightly today because halfway through my left shin started to hurt.  I was not going to let it beat me so I changed direction a little and ran to where I knew there was a field.  I completed the rest of my run around the field and found the grass helped minimise the shock waves in my shins.  My only complaint is that the grass was wet so my shoes and socks got soaked.  I have managed to keep my running shoes quite clean but now they look like this…

My poor shoes!

I managed 3.65km in 32.09 which I am happy with after four months of health issues, put it this way don’t think I am going to threaten Mo Farrah with my slow plodding but I am happy with it.  Next training day will be Wednesday…

The 5k for Hope House is only 27 days away now and I know I won’t be completely ready to run the whole distance, in fact I will be nowhere near ready but I know I can run over half of it.  I am just going to go out there and do my best. I have to admit I am getting nervous now but also excited.

Moving on…Who’s been watching the London 2012 Olympics?  I have been glued to it.  In fact I have my laptop set up next to me so I can still watch it while I play games on my main computer, how sad am I?  In fact even as I write this post I have been watching the uneven bars final in which Team GB gymnast Beth Tweddle took Bronze, He Kexin of China took Silver and Russia’s Ailya Mustafina took the Gold.

I have always loved watching the Olympics, I have fond memories of watching the 1984 olympics in Los Angeles with my Dad.  Back then I was 10 years old 🙂  This time round I am 38 and can better appreciate the training and preparation that these world class athletes have to put in.  So far, highlights of London 2012 for me are…

Jess Ennis wins Gold for Heptathlon
Greg Rutherford wins Gold for Men’s Long Jump
Usain Bolt of Jamacia takes Gold in the Men’s 100m Sprint

and my favourite moment so far…

Andy Murray beats Roger Federer to win Gold in the Men’s Singles Tennis final.

After a devastating defeat last month, again against Roger Federer at Wimbledon, I really wanted to see Andy do well and he smashed it.  I completely respect Federer because he is a formidable Tennis player but he was outclassed by Murray in the Men’s Singles Final.  After a short break Andy Murray then had to play in the Mixed Doubles Final. He and Laura Robson lost to Victoria Azarenka and Max Mirnyi to take the Silver.

I am so proud of the Team GB athletes and I know the whole county is behind them.

Post Boxes…are they painted gold?

You are probably wondering why I have put up a picture of post boxes and why they are painted gold…The Royal Mail said that for every Team GB athlete that wins a gold medal they will paint a post box in that athlete’s home town gold.  This picture is of Greg Rutherford’s gold post box.  I am so proud because these post boxes are in the town that I live in. Milton Keynes.  Well done Greg!

What are you favourite moments of the Olympics so far?

Just another little update before I finish my rambling.  A few days ago (2nd Aug) saw the fourth month since I quit smoking. I stopped using patches a while ago and just use the inhalator occsionally.  Each cartridge for the inhalator lasts me about a week.  To say I am proud of myself just doesn’t cover it.  I think I can safely say that after four months, I have pretty much cracked it!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last few months.  I have recieved so many Tweets and facebook messages of support, you are all awesome.  If you haven’t liked Jog on Jules on Facebook yet, you can do so in the box on the right —–>

While writing this post Jason Kenny just won our sixth Gold in the Cycling so I am off to watch the replays…cya!

Jules 🙂


7 thoughts on “Grassy shoes and gold medals…

  1. Hi! Congrats on runing! That`s great, if I may add, I ran 10K last week for the first time in my life!!! It took me 1:20 h but I now I can! Just go Jules, you can do it. If I can do it, you can do it! And yes, I have smoked for half of my life (I`m 33) and I quited one year ago. (If you have problem try reading a book “Easy way to quit smoking”, It worked for me, my husband and one of our friends!) And yes, you can do it! Since then, I have never had a crisis! (contact me if you want a pdf of a book)
    good luck with runing!!!

  2. Been glued to the Olympics as well. I’m always such a sucker for for the Games. I try not to read any spoilers throughout the day and watch the prime time delayed broadcast at night. I’m in Colorado. I enjoyed watching Phelps get his mojo back after a slow start and of course Missy Franklin winning – she’s a local favorite. The 100 meters last night was awesome. Sprinters are such a cocky lot. The 400 meter semi was cool with the South African. London has done a fantastic job with these games. Wish I was there.

  3. Hi Jules. Good job on your progress with the running and none smoking!!! 🙂
    I have to say that I am loving the Olympics too!!!! The only thing that I have been really following is the gymnastics but I am loving some of the slow motion faces in things like the tennis and volleyball!! LOL!

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