Sun & Sick…

This week has been so damn hot here!  We have had beautiful sun all week and today it is 27 degrees C.  I think the sun was listening to my Doctor when he said last week that I need to get out in the sun.  I am not a sun worshiper at all, in fact I don’t like it and would rather stay in and keep cool but I have been a good girl since seeing my Doc.  I have been going out into my garden and spending short periods of time soaking up some sun and yesterday I even wore shorts!  Yes, I got my white, milk bottle legs out.

Yup, as white as these babies…

I have been taking all the medication that I have been prescribed even the nasty, disgusting Adcal D-3, which is supposed to taste of fruit but actually tastes of arse!  I have to take it morning and night and it makes me feel like this

So, while I chew it I have to concentrate really hard on something else and not dwell for too long on the flavour or I think I might actually puke.  I was going to add in a picture of puke but frankly when I googled puke, I nearly puked. Seriously, don’t try it if you have a sensitive stomach, the images are pretty grim.

Anyway, I wont feel any benefit from the sun and meds for a few weeks so I have decided that with time ticking on towards Billie’s run I need to get my behind in gear and get back to training.  I went out for a short run last week, before the heatwave that we have now and it went well.  As I don’t cope well in the heat I am going to try changing my run time to early morning when it is cooler.  I think that time will suit me better, assuming I can get up that early! So, tomorrow I am going to give it a go.  It’s time to get back on the horse and get motivated.

I don’t have a beach but who cares?

See you later…


9 thoughts on “Sun & Sick…

  1. Keep it up Jules its a great cause you’re running for! I always find early mornings are the best time to run, it gets it out the way for the day and is usually cooler. PS a bit worried that you know what Arse tastes like!!lolx

    • LOL as I was typing it I did think about that lol. Tomorrow morning I am going to try the early morning thing…To be honest even if I broke both my legs the week before this run, I would do it in a damn wheelchair, I feel so strongly about the cause 🙂 I will cross that finish line and I don’t care how I do it lol

  2. which is supposed to taste of fruit but actually tastes of arse! – You know what arse tastes like? Lol
    On a serious note, it’s good to see you are en route to your goal.

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