Doctors & Decisions…

This evening I had an appointment with my Doctor to get the results from the x-ray I had a couple of weeks ago.  The result was good, I have no fractures or breaks in my hip but the reason for this pain remains a mystery.  So on with the investigations it seems.  I now have to have a blood test next week to rule out a few other things.  Then due to the nature of the tests I will have to wait another 3 weeks for the results.  I know this has to be done but I am not impressed if I am honest.  It has been over two months since I ran and I am no closer to finding out what is wrong with me.  The 5K is getting closer and closer and at this rate it is going to be an epic fail…I am pretty pissed off.

As the majority of my pain is when I am in a lying position (so pretty much most of the night) I could try to run on it (actually I think what I do is closer to a jog!) The hip is excruciatingly painful during the night and first thing in the morning but it loosens up over the course of the day.  I now know that I have no fractures so I guess I  have to decide if I want to chance it…what do you think?  My regular run time is in the evening and that is the time of day when I am in the least pain…Should I chance it?



19 thoughts on “Doctors & Decisions…

  1. I don’t know. Logically, I’d say “no”, don’t run. But I never take my own advice. I hope they figure out the source of your pain. I am meeting with an orthopedist to have my hip pain looked into on Tuesday. 😦

    • I know what you mean, it is so tempting, I suppose I could just try and if I get any pain stop immediately…I just miss it so much. I really hope they can work out what is causing your pain too, yours has been ongoing for a while now too…I am sure it’s driving you nuts! Thank you so much for your support Caroline, you have been amazing, I so wish there wasn’t so many miles in the way because I would just love to meet up for coffee with you and moan about about painful hips together lol 🙂

  2. I say ‘no way’! Until you know what is wrong, don’t risk injuring yourself more.

    I do gotta ask though, it took 2 weeks to get the results of an x-ray!? That seems excessively long.

    • Its because it wasn’t an emergency x-ray, it was a prebooked one so they review the results and then send them to my GP. It then takes a little while to get an appointment with my GP as my surgery has about 10 Doctors for a Practice that has 15000 patients. It does seem a long time but unfortunately thats way things are done here. If I had gone in to the hospital as an emergency I would have been x-rayed within an hour and would have results within the hour also. Non-emergencies have to go on a waiting list…it seems harsh, but we get free healthcare so the lists are looooong 🙂 2 weeks is good LOL 🙂
      I will keep you all posted with whats going on…thanks for your support Jill, you are AWESOME!!! 🙂

      • I can’t even get my head around this. With my second back injury/surgery, I had an x-ray, MRI, and a consult with a surgeon on the same day! Then again, I am sure this is why the US has such high health care costs. Regardless, I will continue to pray for recovery and relief of pain. Keep us posted. Oh…how is the smoke-free streak going?

      • It’s still going 🙂 It’s been 2 months and 2 weeks now. I am also on my last 2 weeks of patches now. I will send you a private tweet 🙂

  3. Have you thought of going to an osteopath? I know you’d have to pay, but it might be worth it if they can put a stop to the pain. I go to one in Stony Stratford that I would highly recommend – – I used to get back pain that some days left me hardly able to walk, but got it sorted out by osteopathy. Good luck, hope you get it sorted soon xx

  4. tough question – no real answer really. I say running may be too hard an impact sport right now. Swimming as already suggested – stretching and massage – or light yoga to keep the joint moving. Wait for the results. Stay strong…be patient. The 5 k isn’t going away! That crazy stretch of road will always be there and you’ll conquer it soon enough.
    looking forward to your updates with fingers crossed and a prayer going out.
    you’ll be fine…

    • Hi Maggie, how’s it going? Yeah I know running would be a bad thing to do and I could really damage myself so I think I may just have to sit it out and change the date of my charity 5k if it comes to it…Hope you are well xx

  5. Hmmm I would say run if it’s not going to cause it to make it worse, but it may be better to find out exactly what it is. I too have had some troubles lately and I don’t know what it is yet, having two weeks off has been hard… Hope you get to the bottom of it and get to run! Auds 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 I think I have pretty much decided to wait it out lol. Common sense tells me that I could make it worse and then be unable to run for even longer…that would suck!

  6. I know it’s easy to say from my pov but I reckon you should get back into regular training. You said yourself it made you feel good so it’s worth a try. Ease yourself back in. Don’t try to run before you can walk! Lol. Sorry I had to.

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