Today is the 2-month anniversary of me quitting smoking.  I can’t believe that I have got this far.  It has gone so quick too, the last 2 months has whizzed by.  I am now on the lowest strength patches and should be on them for at least 4 weeks.  I feel so much better.

Unfortunately along with this pleasant anniversary comes one that sucks…it has also been 2 months since I was able to run.  This makes me unhappy to say the least.  My lower back and hip pain is still causing me a great deal of problems.  I had a pelvis x-ray last week and will be seeing my Doctor on 13th June for the results.  I know it sounds weird but I hope they find something…of course I hope it is something that can be treated but I know there is something wrong with me, it’s just a matter of finding what it is.  This pain that I have had on and off for 3 years now is grinding me down and I have had enough.  It stops me from doing the things I want to do…like running.

It is only 3 months until my 5k run and if this carries on I will be nowhere near ready.  Don’t get me wrong, I still intend on doing it and I will drag my ass over the finish line one way or another but it looks like I will be walking more of the course than I wanted to.  At this point I just don’t know, I will wait and see what the Doc says when I get the results. Believe me it can’t come soon enough.

Moving on to something a bit more cheerful…

This weekend sees the Diamond Jubilee weekend.  Yes Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for 60 years.  Can you imagine 60 years in the same job!   There are lots of celebrations going on over the UK this weekend.  Whatever you are doing this weekend, have a great one.


9 thoughts on “Anniversaries…

  1. Way to go Mrs.Queen…but what’s really impressive is YOU! Two months! Rock on kid, that’s great. The hip will be fine – you’ll do the 5 k even if I have to come down there and help drag your butt over the finish line.
    Stay positive – stretch and stay hydrated. Things will go well.
    take care – stay well – and smile


  2. You being smoke-free for 2 months = the most awesome thing I’ve heard this week!
    As someone who has had two separate back injuries that required surgery, I totally understand your comment about hoping the doctors find something. Finding a problem means that a treatment course can be determined – not weird AT ALL. Let us know how it goes.

  3. I’m so proud of you! It is a HUGE accomplishment to quit smoking, and it does get easier over time. But I know it will be a struggle for quite a while. I used to smoke…for years and years. I finally quit about five years ago, but the urge to smoke didn’t go away for a couple of years. But you have done the hardest part…the initial quitting. You can do anything!

    I’m so sorry about your back and hip problems. I have been fighting my hip pain also the past couple of months, so I can relate. I hope they get it figured out.

    You are an inspiration!

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