X-rays & Patches

Hi Guys…it’s been a while but I have a couple of little updates for you…

I saw the Doc last week about my back and after some pondering we think the problem may actually be with my hips, so he has referred me for an x-ray…finally!! Just need to wait for the date to come through.  The pain is starting to calm down a bit now and I am not screaming my house down when trying to get out of bed so I was going to try to run today but we have had thunderstorms and I have no wish what so ever to be out in that.  Frankly I am fed up with feeling like crap and want to avoid yet another cold…so I’ll try for tomorrow.

On to the smoking…well the lack of it.  I have not smoked for 36 days so far.  I am still feeling good! I am trying really hard not to eat everything in the house instead, especially as I am doing no exercise at the moment.  I have been moved on to the ‘step 2’ patches which are 15mg (the old ones were 20mg).

On to step 2…

Since I went down to the smaller patch, I have felt the craving a little more but I have no way of telling if that is the smaller dose of nicotine or stress (the last couple of weeks have been a bit stressy here) but I have resisted the urge by using the inhalator.

I have now reached my fundraising target for the 5K Fun Run I am doing for Hope House.  I am so happy about this.  A few bloggers have sponsored me anonymously so thank you so much (you guys know who you are!).  The fundraising will continue until I have done the run in September so don’t worry if you haven’t managed to sponsor me yet…There’s still plenty of time!

See you soon!





9 thoughts on “X-rays & Patches

  1. Well done with your quit! I’m glad to read that you’re still smoke-free. As for those cravings — they only last briefly, and then they’re gone, so just wait them out and you’ll be fine. 🙂

  2. Good job Jules! I’ve been thinking of you because most bizarrely I have started running! I haven’t been running in decades and I went three times this week!

    Take care of yourself and have a good weekend,

    • That’s awesome! I haven’t run in so long now but I have had a letter saying I can book my hip x-ray so hopefully I will be able to resume soon…well done, I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. Re the patches. I did try them but they just made me feel woozy – too much nicotine maybe. Instead I started chewing the nicotine gum – 2mg. They worked and I haven’t smoked in 20 years but… I’m still chewing the gum. I did manage to get off it for about 8 months once but stress happened and I had a choice of racing down to the shops for a packet of cigarettes or reaching for the gum. I’m glad I reached for the gum but be warned that they can be addictive too.

    Good luck and well done on getting this far. Your lungs will thank you 🙂

  4. Hey Jules. Me again. This is something my friend tried and it really helped him quite smoking…and he’s a big tough kinda guy. He wore a thick elastic around his wrist. Every time he had a craving for a cigarette he pulled the elastic band really hard and let it snap on his wrist and it really hurt. He eventually associated smoking with pain and he’s been clean now for over ten years. True story.
    Keep the faith girl – you’ll come through in flying colors!


    • LOL I could just let my b/f flick me with an elastic band, I am sure he would enjoy it 🙂
      U might have to resort to that once I am done with the patches (I have about 10 days left)

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