London Marathon Day…

Today I got up early so that I could watch The London Marathon on T.V.  It was a brilliant watch and I am so glad that I watched it.

I have been feeling pretty depressed over the last few days because of my back pain and needed some cheering up…watching all these inspiring people has really lifted my spirits.

First place male – Wilson Kipsprang, Kenya – 2:04:44

First place female – Mary Keitany, Kenya – 2:18:37

First place – Wheelchair – Male – David Weir – 1:32:26

First place – Wheelchair – Female – Shelly Woods – 1:49:10

All amazing times!

Prince Harry with the two winners - Pic from BBC

What I find so inspiring though are how many people from all walks of life take part in this and many other marathons.

The DLRR were out in force with some amazing finishing times…Well done to every single one of you!

My fellow Hope House fundraiser Nicci Shrimpton is also running today and as I write this she just finished with a time of 05:24:59…I am so happy for you Nicci!

Fellow blogger, Chip finished with a great time but I won’t spoil it for her as I know she will want to tell you all about it in her own race-recap…she ran to raise money for SANDS…Well done Chip!

A good friend of mine, Kellie Eckley, is still running as I type…she is running to raise money for Wellchild…Keep going Kellie, you can do it!

I am so proud of each and every one of you and maybe…just maybe I can take part in this event myself one day…for now I will just read your race-recaps and cheer you all on.

Well done guys xx



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