Coffee & Computer Games

I haven’t been around much… I know I have been shirking my blogging responsibilities a lot lately.  I don’t really have a great excuse, other than I don’t really have much to tell.  I have done no running/exercise other than walking what so ever!  The reason for this is I have a recurring back problem that recurred this week.

No one seems to know what is actually wrong with my back…despite seeing 2 Doctors and 2 Physio’s.  It just plays up for a couple of weeks and then gets better again, I go through this same cycle 4 or 5 times a year.  I will go to bed fine and wake up the next morning in excruciating pain.  This pain is the ‘scream the house down’ type of pain and I cannot do anything without assistance.  Then after a few days it will just disappear.

I have tried to describe the pain to my GP, but all I can come up with is that it feels like someone has injected acid into my lower back and it is leaking out from my lower spine and into my pelvic area and hips…I can’t describe it any other way.

I have never had a scan or x-ray but I think it is about time I was sent to these because I am sick of it!

My chosen career was in Care and I did it for almost 12 years before my back pain put a stop to that.  It was so rewarding, yes it could be hard and emotional but I loved it. I miss it a lot.  But this problem with my back is still interfering with my life because now it is stopping me from running…I am fed up with it!

Me in 2005 while still working in Care...and still smoking!

So there you go…that’s all that has been going on around here lately.. Anyway, time to move on…The 16th April saw The Boston Marathon so I just want to say well done and congratulations to everyone who took part.  I understand from various news reports that it was very hot that day and conditions were pretty bad. This Sunday 22nd April is The London Marathon 2012 so I want to wish everyone taking part the best of luck.  This is a UK event so I doubt there will be any concerns about the heat but it may well rain!  I would like to wish The DLRR, Chip and Kellie the best of luck.  I also want to say Good Luck to Nicci Shrimpton who is running the London Marathon for Hope House… I will be watching out for you all on the TV…with my Bacon sandwich! A quick update on my quest to stop smokng…I am now on day 17 and I have not smoked a single cigarette.  Unfortunately I cannot test my new-found lung capacity because of my inability to walk/ run/do anything…Yes I am still pissed off about my back…Anyway, I am off now to cheer myself up with coffee and computer games.



7 thoughts on “Coffee & Computer Games

  1. Sorry to hear about your back, its a real knock to your motivation when you get an injury….but you will bounce back and im well impressed that you are keeping up the ‘no smoking’, when you’re back lets you exercise again you will be flying. Well done!

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