Day Two and still going strong…

Day Two

I have now been smoke-free for a full 24 hours…actually it’s been 27 but I’m not counting.  It has only been 1 day but I am proud of myself.

I started smoking when I was 19, yes I know at that age I should have known better! I didn’t start gradually, I went from 0 to 20 a day from the first puff.  That progressed over the years until I was smoking between 30 and 40 cigarettes a day.  I have not had a day in the last 20 years where I have not smoked at least 20.  So for me to be able to go 24 hours is a miracle.

It has helped that I now have something I want to do more than I want to smoke and that is running.  While I haven’t run for over a week due to a cold, I know that I want to be able to run without the restrictions that smoking imposes on me.  I miss running so much and I wish this damn cold would just get lost!

The support I have received from family, friends and readers has been out of this world.  I am receiving messages of support from Facebook, Twitter and WordPress, so thank you to each and every one of you.

I have also been given an extra incentive today…I am not sure if I have mentioned before that I love to sing.  My voice would never set the world on fire but I can sing in tune.  As you may have read here before, my partner, Steve is one half of the duo stARK.  Steve and Mark have agreed to let me record a track with them if I quit…this I am excited about! So if anyone has any ideas for a song that we could record, leave a comment below.  I might even post it once it’s recorded.

I am now ready to embark upon day 2…I really hope it is as easy as yesterday.


8 thoughts on “Day Two and still going strong…

    • hehe thats the plan 🙂 The 5K is September so I know I will ok…I do just over 2 miles when I train so I am almost there…so frustrated at the moment though…I want…no I need to run…can you tell I am missing it?! lol

  1. Excellent job, Jules! Giving up the habit is incredibly hard. Just think, though, of how amazing running will feel when a. you haven’t been smoking and b. you’re well!

  2. Nice one Jules!

    Here’s a song suggestion: ‘Toxic’ by Britney 🙂

    I’ll try and think of more and come back to ya! lol x

  3. Wow! Good for you! How do you even run if you smoke that much. I am a cocktail smoker and I think I’d drop a lung!

    Seriously, good for you. It is worth it, my mom died of lung cancer at 68, it’s not good.


    • Thanks Maggie…yes running has been tough…I feel I have reched my limit wjile smoking which is one of the reasons I have decided to quit 🙂 I am looking forward to running many more miles…just need to shift this cold now lol

  4. I found days 2-4 were hardest so far. Try not to lose faith. When the worst hits, distract yourself with TV or a movie. And remember that cravings can only last so long before they stop!

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