Day one of my new venture

It’s been a bit quiet around here over the last few days…that is mainly because in a nutshell, I have nothing going on.  I still have a cold so I cannot breathe let alone run, both of these are things I would very much like to do right now.  I do feel a little better than yesterday so I am hopeful that I am on the mend.  Along with illness comes a certain amount of boredom so yesterday to relieve some of that boredom, I set my cat up on Facebook…yes really, I did.  It was actually quite fun…I know, its silly…but I had a laugh so I don’t care.

Anyway, on to my new venture…If you look to the right of the screen you will see my calendar widget thingy.  Yes today is the day I give up smoking.  Before I went to bed last night, I got rid of my tobacco and ashtray.  I got up this morning, wacked a patch on my arm and so far so good.

Whenever I feel like a smoke I take a puff on the inhalator.  If I am doing something that I would usually smoke while doing, I make sure I have the inhalator ready.  A couple of times I have thought to myself that I want a cigarette but then used the inhalator instead and I have been fine.  It is VERY early days yet, after all it has only been a few hours, but so far so good.  I am hoping that if I can keep this up while I recover from this cold, by the time I am fit enough to run, I will feel the benefits of not smoking.  I am going to give it my best.

I will write an update later to let you know how I am getting on.



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