Snot Noodle…

Tonight my dinner consists of this

My essential survival kit!

Yup, a disgusting (but oh so good) Pot Noodle, Paracetamol and toilet roll…I am not sure if I this is Hay Fever (I get it pretty bad) or a cold but who cares…I feel like crap! I have taken an anti-histamine but I am still pouring snot like some kind of snotty Niagara Falls!   I was fine a couple of hours ago and now I feel like poop!

I should be running, my legs NOT my nose! Instead, I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself eating food that I know I will regret later.

I won’t go on about it…afterall this is just a cold and not the Flu, which I had about 4 years ago and truly thought I was going to die I was so ill.

So, after I have devoured the 8-pack of Skips and 7-pack of Mini Cheddars, I am going to bed.




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