I am quitting…

No, not running…smoking!  Had you worried there for a sec, didn’t I?

A few weeks ago I made the decision that I like running more than I like smoking and made an appointment at my Doctor’s ‘Quit Clinic’.  Today was the day of the appointment.  It is a beautiful day so the walk was really nice.  It is 16 degrees C today so I was hot and by the time I got there I was quite sweaty…embarrassing!

My appointment was with a very nice nurse called Kim.  She asked me a lot of questions about my lifestyle and why I wanted to give up smoking.  She was very interested in my motivations and asked a lot about running.  I had to breathe into a little device that measures the Carbon Monoxide in my system…today’s reading was 25.

Then we discussed what treatment I would receive and what day I would choose as my ‘quit day’.  I have chosen April 2nd as the day I quit.  The night before, I am to get rid of my ash tray and anything to do with smoking ready for the following morning.  I have been prescribed Nicorette invisi-patches and inhalator.

Nicorette Patches
Nicorette Inhalator

As you can see, on the right of the screen the Sport Relief countdown widget has now been replaced with a quit day countdown widget.

I am not sure if I will succeed but I intend to give it everything I have because I know that if can quit the cigarettes, not only will I live longer but it will help with running.  Kim told me that my Carbon Monoxide levels will start to reduce within a couple of days as long as I don’t smoke and that I would feel the benefit of that pretty quickly and I have another appointment with her a week after my quit day…Wish me luck!

The route to my G.P surgery is actually the same route that I run so I managed to get a couple of nice photographs and have finally updated my snowy header pic with a nice Spring one.

A lovely day for a walk

See that hill? I HATE running up it!  It may not look like much but I feel like crap until I get to the top.

Have any of you smoked and quit?  If so, do you have any advice or tips?

That’s it for now…



16 thoughts on “I am quitting…

  1. You are so brave to write about it.. You can do it!!
    Replace smoking time with something else, eat carrots or start Pinning (Pintrest) or cleaning something. Likely best that you can make a habit to replace the smoking.
    Best of luck.

  2. Jules, I have smoked and quit. Here’s a tip. Go one week without smoking and then take a good smell of the air in your closet. I’ll bet you find it stinks, because your clothes stink. It’s true! Now, as you lose weight and and stop smoking, replace those stinking clothes, one piece at a time, with new things. A positive pat-on-the-back! All joy in quiting! HF

  3. Good luck Jules!
    I’ve been quit now for approx 6 years? It was a struggle, but when you set your mind to it, it can be done! Just think to yourself, its a bit of smoke that you inhale. What good does it do you? None. It may help calm yourself but there are a billion other ways to help do that without doing harm to your body. You could go out for another run, eat a piece if fruit. Anything to make that craving go away.
    Another incentive may be that when you would normally buy a pcaket of fags, put that money in a tin. At the end of the week/fornight/month, whichever way you choose, you will see a great amount of money. Use that to treat yourself to something nice.

    Again, best of luck to you. You can do it!

  4. im day 34 now and each day i add up what the cigs would of cost, ive saved £180 thats my incentive the other thing ive had to to is ban smoking in my house with steve still smoking you will find it harder but now the nicer weather is here maybe he could set up a little table an chair outside just while you get started x x also put an ‘Ive saved £** since I quit’ widget up!

  5. I did quit smoking several years ago. I used Nicorette gum and I’m still addicted to it (something I don’t talk about on the blog). It’s better than smoking and doesn’t affect my running 🙂 Still expensive, although I use the generic brand. Good luck!

    • Well done on quitting 🙂 The nurse asked me if I wanted the gum but I don’t enjoy gum myself (I seem to get a bad headache if I chew it). I was hoping they would just put me to sleep for a month and that I would wake up at the other end a non-smoker 😉

  6. Yes. I smoked for decades. Quit 5 years ago. I quit once; I don’t intend to quit again. Ever. I quite using those same things. The inhalator was a big help for me, as was the support forum online (I think it was Click to Quit). I still have friends from that forum that I’m in contract with, although only 3 of the original 20 or so are still ‘quit’. The first week is the worst because it’s physical. Once you’re past that it’s all mental, and if you remember that you’ll be okay. My best bit of advice is when you feel like you want a ciggie, don’t go to the shops and buy some. In 10-minutes, the urge will pass. Don’t have any ciggies anywhere stashed away.

    Best wishes for a successful quit!

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s day 23 today and you are right about the whole physical/mental thing. I have no physical need for a ciggie anymore. Its all completely mental 🙂

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