QOTD…Whats on your ‘Jog Pod’?

I LOVE MUSIC! I don’t think I could actually live without it.  It features so heavily in my life because along with being a pseudo runner and blogger, I am also a pseudo musician.  I play a little bit of guitar and I love to sing.  I am sure I sound like a strangled cat on 20 a day but enjoy it so much  so I DON’T CARE 🙂  My hubby, Steve is a guitarist and producer and plays in a duo, stARK with his best friend, Mark, who is a drummer, keyboard player and singer.  There is usually some kind of musical rehearsal going on in my house…it’s pretty cool and sometimes just a little bit noisy.  Forunately, we have very understanding neighbours.

Ok, I am getting to my point now…honest.

I have recently discovered that running is a far more pleasant experience if I take my mp3 player with me…to be fair, I don’t know why I didn’t do this before but hey I never said I was a genius! My mp3 player is a mix of all kinds of music, from Abba to AC/DC, so my question to you guys is this…

What do you have on your mp3 player/iPod?

Rest day for me today…thankfully!

Jules 🙂


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