1 week to go…

The Sport Relief Mile is a week today.  I am getting nervous now as this is my first organised running event. I am also very excited 🙂 I am hoping that race-day adrenalin will carry me through as running for me has been pretty much non-existent this last 2 weeks.  However, I am determined to cross that finish line.  I don’t care if I do it running, walking or crawling, I will do it.  It’s a mile…how hard can it be?  So far I have raised £60 for Sport Relief and to put that into perspective…

£5 could buy a new set of clothes for a child living or working on the streets of Nepal.

£10 could give a person in the UK living with dementia, and their carer, expert advice and guidance to help improve their quality of life.

£20 could provide emergency drugs to 16 children with severe malaria in Uganda which will help them survive the long journey to hospital.

£50 could feed 100 vulnerable street children in India for one day.

£100 is enough to run a school for a week in Kenya – educating more than 300 children whose families are affected by HIV and AIDS.

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has sponsored me to take part in this event, I am very grateful.  If you haven’t sponsored me but want to, don’t worry there is still time! Here is the link to my Fundraising Page.

Sport Relief is a fantastic cause and the money raised helps people living unimaginably tough lives, both in the UK, and across the world’s poorest countries. For more information about the great stuff that Sport Relief does, click the link.

Moving on…

Happy Mother's Day!

I have the coolest step-kids…they made me this!

My Mother's Day card 2012
Message inside

I love you too Alisha & Zak xxx

I also want to say Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, Jane and my Mother-in-Law, Nina.  Steve and I love you both loads xxx

My Mom and me in 1974

Have a great Sunday!

Jules 🙂


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