I work better when there is a carrot dangled in front of me…

As you know I have not run for a few days due to shin splints and toothache.  The shin splints has eased off now and despite the fact that I still have not been to the dentist, the toothache is backing off a bit too so, it’s time to get back on the horse.

Its been almost two weeks since I actually did any running so I think it might be worth repeating some of the couch to 5K programme.  I am way behind my running course buddies although that does not worry me too much as it’s not a race and we can all work at our own pace.

Today, I wanted to get some running tights…so I walked a 5 mile round trip to get them 🙂 Who doesn’t work better with a carrot on a stick eh?  So I am satisfied that at least I am doing something, I am very pleased with the running tights 🙂 and now that I have said running tights, I really had better get off my arse and do some running!

So after a 5 mile walk today, tomorrow is a rest day and then Friday I am getting back on that horse!  It is only 11 days until The Sport Relief Mile and I know it’s only a mile but it will be the first event I have ever taken part in so I am getting a bit nervous.  I am hoping that race-day adrenalin will see me through lol.  It was made a bit more real today when I bought a pack of safety pins for my race bib 🙂

Yes, I know I cheated and re-used this picture!

I was going to take a picture of the safety pins but that would be…well it would be ridiculous 🙂




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