There is pain…and then there is PAIN!

The shin pain is now starting to improve…only to be replaced by toothache!!  Arrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!! Not just a little bit of toothache either…its the keep you up all night and can’t eat type of toothache 😦

I have not run properly for days now.  At this rate I am going to  have to repeat a couple of weeks!…I am getting so fed up.  The toothache is really bad and I need to find a dentist as soon as possible but we have a vast shortage of NHS dentists and many of those have now closed their books as they have too many patients…they are as rare as rocking horse poop!

I am doped up to the eye balls on painkillers and even then it’s near impossible to eat!  Its now only 13 days until the Sport Relief Mile and it has been a week since I ran at all pretty much.  I have been walking still though (determined not to go back to that couch!) but I need to be running!!  Thank god I have 5 months until my 5K!!


3 thoughts on “There is pain…and then there is PAIN!

  1. You’ll be fine. It takes weeks to lose your conditioning. If the toothache causes you to lose weight from not eating, that’ll help your O2 uptake and it will all be a wash.

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