Sleep, shopping & shoes…

My posts have been very few and far between over the last couple of days for a couple of reasons…

Tuesday evening I was poorly.

Wednesday I was sleeping and shopping.

Today I have been shopping again.

Our broadband has been beyond shoddy for almost 3 weeks.

Tuesday was a weird sort of day because I had a great run in the morning with the DLRR but as I didn’t sleep well the previous night, I conked out on the sofa by 2pm. I woke at 4pm, feeling disoriented but OK.  By 9.30 that evening my head was hurting in that ‘you are going to have the mother of all migraines‘ kind of way so rather than chance it, I went to bed for a couple of hours to sleep it off…then woke at midday the following day! Wow! I must have needed it and thankfully I slept through what would have been my migraine.  I have suffered from Migraines since my early teens and while they were horrific and completely debilitating back then, they have reduced in frequency as I have got older and I have learned what triggers them.  Now I only have a couple a year but when I do have them they are BAD. I always feel pretty fragile for the next day or so after too.  So anyway I did manage to avoid this one by sleeping the best part of 14 hours, but I still felt quite wobbly after.

Wednesday, once I got up I went shopping with a friend to look for some running shoes…I had a gait analysis done by a lad who looked young enough to me my son and was told that I need moderate support shoes.  I looked in 3 shops and narrowed it down to one or two pairs but I came home empty-handed as I couldn’t be sure what I wanted.  I had another really crappy nights sleep.

Today I went back to one of the sports shops I went to yesterday and ended up buying a pair of shoes that I didn’t even notice yesterday and I love them! I have walked about in them all day and hardly noticed them on my feet.  I will test drive them tomorrow for a short run and see how they go. They are entry-level but until I know I am going to stick at this, they will do just fine.  They fit like a glove and feel great.

Everyone loves new shoes!

I also managed to get myself an Audio belt and running bottle, both half price 🙂

Everyone loves a bargain!

The belt holds my phone and mp3 player perfectly.  My photos are crappy…I really need to find a better place to take them 🙂

I really didn’t feel like running today, still feeling a bit fragile after feeling so poorly on Tuesday but by this evening I was feeling a bit guilty for not going out.  Steve was going to visit a friend this evening so I decided to go with him and we ended up walking 7.7 km at a fairly brisk pace.  It felt pretty good to be doing something and at least the day wasn’t wasted.  I think that I may have undone some of the good work though because we ate a bag of chips on the way…oops 🙂  However tomorrow I will be back to running as I have ‘homework’ of 3 min run/3 min walk x 4 to do.  The next run after that is 5 min run/3 min walk x 3…If I am honest I am quite concerned about that one…actually terrified is probably closer to the mark.

I am not even going to get started on the broadband because I will be here all night and I doubt my blood pressure could take the rant.  All I am going to say is that the issue we had almost 3 weeks ago is still ongoing!

Oh well, onwards and upwards!



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