Woo! I’m a runner…

I am a very happy woman right now! 🙂

I went out earlier this evening to do the next run of the DLRR Beginners Course. I went later than usual as Steve was busy this afternoon so it was dark and a little bit cooler than I am used to.  Today’s workout was the same as Friday’s, 2 minutes running/4 minutes walking x 5.

As soon as I started the first 2 minutes running, I felt more relaxed (maybe because it was dark and so no one could see me!).  My breathing was much more settled, I seem to feel good breathing in for 4 steps and then out for 4 steps and I didn’t get as out of breath as I have on previous runs.  This also meant that my muscles felt less tired.  Almost all of today’s run was done with a smile on my face.  The high I felt when I was done (and during at some points) was amazing.  It was definitely easier this time..I may have still resembled an overweight sweaty mess having a cardiac arrest but it definitely felt easier…I am so happy! Today I feel like a runner and it feels awesome! 🙂

When I was done I walked back down my run route a little way so I would take a couple of pictures.

The Redway - no snow this time!


Approaching the bridge

They are a little blurry but you get the idea 🙂

Hopefully my next run will be with The DLRR Beginners Group on Tuesday, I am really looking forward to running with a group…This week I have been running with Steve and I definitely prefer running with others.  I am really looking forward to putting some faces to the people I have been talking to on Facebook for a month now.  They have been so supportive and together with Steve have really spurred me on.

I would also like to say a big thank you to those who have sponsored me today for The Sport Relief Mile. I have almost reached my target.  Thank you so much 🙂 Only 28 days to go and I now know that I really can do it and that I am also well on track for the 5K in September.

On the whole, today has been pretty cool.

Jules 🙂





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