Tantrums & Trainers…

I have just returned from the next part of my ‘homework’ from the DLRR Beginners course. Today’s run consisted of 2 mins running then 4 mins walking x 5.

If I am honest, it was quite a struggle and I really had to fight with myself to stay focused.  Steve was great again.  He watched my time and kept telling me that I can do this.  Today for a second there I actually thought to myself ‘Oh my God, I don’t think I am going to be able to do this!’.  After the 4th rep of 2 run/4 walk I was actually about to give up.  I was in the next street to where we live..just a 1 minute walk to go home…I stood for about 30 seconds, looking back toward the Redway, then back towards my house all the time Steve telling me that I could do this. Why was I doing this?! Why was I putting myself through this?

To get fit? Not really…being fit never really bothered me too much before…I love my couch!  To feel better about myself or lose weight? No, I have not been slim for many years and am more than happy with way I am…at almost 40, I am never going to be Twiggy! In actual fact, even in my teens, I never was! 🙂

I am doing this for Hope House. For those wonderful people who took care of our special angel so amazingly.  I will admit, a small part of me is doing this for the distraction. I am greiving.  I have been for quite a while and for quite a while to come.  All these things went through my head in those few seconds while I was standing on the path trying to make the decision to either carry on or go home.

I turned around and headed back to the Redway.  Steve asked me what I was doing and my reply?

‘I am not going to let this f****** beat me!’ (apologies for the poor langauge)

So off I ran for another 2 minutes and then slowed down, turned around and walked the last 4 mins home.  I did it! OK, I did have a very short break while I was trying to decide whether to continue or go home with my tail between my legs but I still did it…that is what matters to me.

When we got home, I got Steve to take a couple of pictures of me…what a state! 🙂

Who you gonna call? An ambulance!
The reason I do this? Look at my arm 🙂

This was me being really brave because I hate having my picture taken 🙂

Jules x


4 thoughts on “Tantrums & Trainers…

  1. Well done…..and keep blogging because in a few weeks time you will look back and see how far you’ve come. Hope House is an amazing cause and when im training and struggling i just think of the special youngsters and their families who have benefited from Hope House and it gives me the lift i need. You’re doing fab! 🙂

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