Pools and Pizza…

I decided today that because I missed my training session with the DLRR yesterday, the run I did today should be what I would have done with them.  I am worried about falling behind, starting a week later than the others.  So I went out and did 1 minute run then 1 min walk x 10…I managed it…just!

Today’s run was a bit different in that Steve came with me 🙂 It was actually great to have someone so supportive with me instead of running on my own and he kept an eye on the time so that he could tell me when to switch from running to walking etc.  I rely on Steve a lot and always feel more comfortable when I am with him whether out and about or at home (bit lovey dovey I know).  I didn’t find the personal issue from this morning bothered me too much and I think that may have been because Steve came with me.

When I was finished I noticed that while I was breathing out of my arse, Steve on the other hand had not so much as broken a sweat and wasn’t really breathing any faster than usual…How the hell did that happen?  He used to take part in competition swimming and cross-country running when he was younger (a lot younger!) so he was actually pretty fit but in recent years as school changed to University, the pool changed to Pizza and he does not do any exercise to speak of. I cannot believe how fit he still is!  Anyway, he has done himself now because I am going to drag him out with me from now on (cue maniacal , evil laugh) He is a great pacer!

While running, Steve said that my  breathing was all wrong and the fact that I was almost hyperventilating means I tend to agree 😉 so I will be speaking to the Beginners group Leader, Nicky about that for some advice.

By the way I saw this picture on the DLRR Facebook page so I borrowed it 🙂

On the whole I am happy with today, so to treat myself  I am having my favourite ‘kiddie dinner’ of Fishfingers, chips and beans 🙂

Jules x


6 thoughts on “Pools and Pizza…

  1. Well done for getting out there….and good luck with your first session next week with the group. Dont worry about your breathing, it will get more steady when you find your comfortable pace! Happy Training 🙂

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