Taking no chances…

Today my motivation appears to have returned which is great 🙂 But it is a little bitter-sweet because I am not going to run today by choice.

As I said in yesterday’s post All Pain and no gain I hit my big toe really hard on the dryer and ended up spending most of the night with a bag of frozen peas on it because it hurt so much. Well today it’s not hurting constantly but it does hurt quite a lot when I walk, so I feel that with the beginners course starting on Tuesday, I would be really stupid to try to run on it today. I really wanted to run today or to at least go out and walk but I know that if I try, I may well damage it further and if I can’t start the course next week I will be gutted…so, I am just not going to chance it.  I think I will try to do some stretching everyday until I feel that it is safe to run…what do you guys think? Should I do some stretching while my toes recovers?

Anyway, on a happier note I have a shout out today…My friend Emma is a Cheerleading coach and she is Head Coach of a team based a few miles away from where I live called The Northampton Nitro’s.  They are competing this weekend in the Future Cheer university championships.

The Northampton Nitros

I just want to wish them the best of luck for the competition.  Good luck guys!!

Jules x



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