All Pain and no gain…

Today has been rubbish! My get up and go has got up and gone! I should have run today but I have absolutely no motivation whatsoever 😦 I just don’t know where it’s gone.  I have let myself down because I gave in and didn’t run.  Now it’s too late to go out and I am pissed with myself for not pushing myself to do it.  Today has been the first day that I have felt like this and it has taken me by surprise 😦

AND to top it all off, I stubbed my toe so hard on the dryer that it made me cry.  Crap! The universe works quick nowadays!  It serves me right, if I had been out running that probably wouldn’t have happened.  I have to admit that although it hurt REALLY bad, I didn’t cry for long…because Steve came running in to the kitchen gave me hug and when I didn’t stop crying,  threatened to cupcake me!! (and I don’t mean the iced variety either).  This then made me giggle through my tears 🙂 but my toe is still throbbing even 3 hours later.

Well tomorrow is another day and because I should have run today, it should be a rest day but I AM going out to run tomorrow.  I want to do this so much and despite today’s lack of motivation, I am still really looking forward to my beginners course next week   Please tell me that feeling like this occasionally is normal…


Edit – It is now 3am and although the toe does not appear bruised or swollen, it hurts…really badly…I am sitting with my toe on a bag of frozen peas as we speak 😦


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