Support the ones you love…

I pinched this from a friends Facebook page 🙂 Now that’s out of the way…

Still feeling fed up and under the weather today but determined to do something, I went out for a short run (only 12 mins) I do feel better for at least doing something and I am not going to worry too much this week as I start the beginners course on Tuesday, which I am looking forward to so much.  It was a bit warmer out today – 7 degrees…but a little windy. The wind was pretty cold but once I got onto the redway I was under the canopy of trees and shielded from the wind.  I always feel a bit weird when I run past other people but they don’t really seem to notice me so I maybe don’t resemble the bag of crap that I feel after all 🙂

My usual morning routine when I wake up now is read through other runners blogs as I drink my coffee and today I read a wonderful post by A Veteran Runner about his wife and how supportive she is.  It really made me smile when I read it – check it out TheWife and Valentine’s Day

The support I have received from friends and loved ones since I started this venture has been amazing! Thank you to each and every one of you. The support I get from My Steve is fantastic, he is always encouraging and always tells me well done 🙂 Steve – I love you more than I could ever say,  you are awesome!

I think all that is left to say today is if someone you know needs support…support them! It could be a word of encouragement or sponsoring them a couple of pounds for an event they are taking part in…support them.  You never know, one day it may be you that needs support as we never know what life is going to throw at us.

Jules x




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