All ranting and no running…

Today’s post, I’m afraid is going to be a bit of a I am apologising in advance 🙂 and for any men who read this…you may want to put your fingers in your ears and shout ‘ la la la, I’m not listening’ because my rant will include how crappy it can be to be a woman sometimes! sorry 😦

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet here for the past couple of days.  Well that has been for two reasons…

1. I have not run for 3 days due to my excruciating ‘women’s problems’ 😦

2. I have not had a stable Broadband connection since the early hours of Saturday morning!

I am not sure which one I am more pissed about right now. Steve has spent the best part 2 days on the phone to our ISP (he is actually talking to their tech support again now!) We have an intermittent issue where we cannot get internet pages, they hang until they time out, we cannot log into our games, I have been unable to Blog – in short our Broadband is worse than dial-up and  to quote Steve ‘is running like a 3 legged dog with a brick tied to its balls!!’ However I am not going to name and shame my ISP because after numerous calls to their techies, I know they are doing their best to get it sorted, I just  hope they get it sorted soon.  I am actually writing this in a notepad document so that when I finally do get onto WordPress, I can just copy/paste it.

As I said earlier I have not run for 3 days.  This is because I suffer terrible period pain.  I only started running a month ago so this is my first monthly since I started.  I thought it would be ok, but sadly not 😦  I think I may have to see my GP before next month and ask him if there is anything he can do to help.  Ladies – does anyone else have this problem and if you do, how do you cope with it?  I really do not want to stop running for 4 days a month! Sometimes I HATE being a girl…its sucks ass!

OK rant over so let’s get to some nice stuff…Some of my fellow running bloggers ran events last weekend so a few shout outs are required…




Caroline, Meghann and Callie all took part in the Rock ‘n’ Roll St Pete’s Half Marathon – Well done girls, you are all amazing! They have all written race re-caps on their Blogs, check them out they are really great!

Also, The DLRR are in training for The Milton Keynes Marathon this year and have had a great weekend of training runs – Well done guys!

I am back to training tomorrow (even if it kills me!) and I am starting the running course with The DLRR a week tomorrow which I am really excited about, details of which are included in my Give it a go post –  and the DLRR website HERE

All that is left to say before my ‘cup & string’ broadband dies again is Happy Valentines day!! Steve & I don’t really do Valentines Day because we believe that saying ‘I love you’ every day is enough but this year he gave me this…

I had to make the coffe myself by the way

This year we will have been together for seven years.  He is amazing and supports me in everything I do. I love him so much 🙂

Steve & Jules

Whatever you are doing today with your loved ones, have a great day 🙂

Happy running guys!


PS – Feeling a bit better after my rant LOL


4 thoughts on “All ranting and no running…

  1. Awww, cute picture of you guys! I got behind in my blog reading, so just catching up. HOpe you are feeling better by now…but I guess when I read the next few posts I’ll find out. I’m pretty lucky with “that time of the month” in that it’s usually not too bad. Although, ever since I turned 40 it is completely unpredictable and I used to be so regular. Now that I’m done having kids I wish it would just disappear! Also, so not looking forward to menopause and I know my irregularity is the first sign of perimenopause (although my OB says no, I’m too young, but that is bullshit).

    • Well I am a great believer in a woman being the only one who knows her body 100% so I would wager that you are right 🙂 I know I am only 37 but I know that wont be having any kids (I have to amazing step-kids who call me their second Mom) so I wish they would just let me have a hysterectomy 😦 Great to hear from you as always xxx

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