Day 24…Snow and numb toes…

Today I ran for 20 mins.  I tried my other trainers in the hope that they would be more comfortable, which they were but I did get tingly toes towards the end of the run. I am going to shop for running shoes next week…looking forward to that 🙂

According to the forecast MK has snow on the way again 😦 As pretty as it is, I am fed up with it now! The conditions where I live are dreadful, it’s very dangerous and the slush left from the last snow has now frozen and with fresh snow on top of that, it’s going to be lethal.

Also a bit of news – I will be starting a 10 week Beginners running course next week with The David Lloyd Redway Runners.  The course is free and I have copied the info from the DLRR website and pasted it below (in bold).  If anyone fancies a go, use the contact tab on the DLRR website and they will send you more info

David Lloyd Redway Runners are launching a free 10 week beginner course starting Tuesday 21 Feb at 9.30 from David Lloyd and it will be publicised by Bucks Sport. The course is part of the ‘Give it a Go’ campaign and is aimed at those who haven’t really run before, the aim is by the end being able to run the 5k parkrun and hopefully join the club. In the same week, there will be additional support at the Monday and Wednesday runs for people who would like to come and try them out. The 10 week course, led by Nicky, will start slowly and build up and a pace that is comfortable for each individual. Buggies are welcome but no running children allowed unfortunately. If you know anyone who is interested in any of the sessions, please ask them use the contact us tab above.

I am really looking forward to having a go at this and running with people rather than on my own.  The parkrun that is mentioned happens every Saturday morning at Wilen Lake.  Have a look at the Parkrun website HERE If I can run the Parkrun by the end of it I will be one happy girl as the course for this is the same as the 5K Big Fun Run I have entered for Hope House 🙂

Anyway, today’s run was great..I am comfortable at 20 mins so I am going to keep at that for a week or so and then see how I get on.  By then I should have started the Beginners course, which I will also blog about.

Take Care all & happy running!

Jules x


3 thoughts on “Day 24…Snow and numb toes…

  1. Embarrassingly enough I live in MK, not too far from Willen Lake, and I’ve never hear done a Park Run. Guess I’ll have to try it now 🙂 Enjoy your running and stay safe! Had to dodge lots of icy spots this morning. I’m so over this winter weather!

  2. Jules, I run with YakTrax on the snow. They can gather clumps in certain snow but are best for me on packed and icy snow. I wear them when I think I’ll encounter ice. Snow itself is nice.

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