Rest days & research…

Today is a rest day so I decided to do a bit of running research.  I wanted to find some kind of app that will work on a Symbian smart phone as I don’t have an iPhone or the latest technology.  I hate touch screen phones so I am trying to hold on to my trusty Nokia N95 as long as I can 🙂 Anyway I have found an app called sports tracker, it basically tracks you by GPS and gives you distance, average speed, calories burned etc and it’s really cool!! Although on a rest day and despite the fact that it is -1 degrees outside today, I wanted to see how well it worked so I walked to the shop with my partner, Mr T.

So, off we went with my new app tracking us as we walked.  The walk was a 3k round trip and it was cold! Brrrrr! Sports Tracker also has a website that you can sign up to, where you can upload your run and it will track the route.  It can be used for cycling too 🙂 I am impressed and so pleased that I have found something that cost me nothing and will help me with my training.  I have even linked it to my Facebook profile 🙂  I have added links below if anyone fancies a look.

Ovi Store  – Downloaded the app for FREE here.

Sports Tracker Website

Looking forward to training tomorrow!

Jules x


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