Day 22…Not so happy feet.

Today I planned to up my 18 min run to 20 mins.  It was playing on my mind a bit earlier today as I am feeling a little under the weather and I think I may have a cold coming 😦 Anyway, I started ok but started to get tired pretty quickly and at 10 mins through I was having to try really hard.  For a minute or so I actually started to wonder if I would make my usual 18.

So I started to think…really hard about all the support I have been getting from my friends, family and Blogging family.  I started thinking about all the money I am raising for Hope House & Sport Relief and how much good it will do.  Then I started to think about Billie-Jane and how much I miss her and how much it hurts deep in my chest when I think about her. My throat gets all thick and have to get angry with myself to push it away…I think I must have channeled that self anger and pain into my legs because I checked the time and I had been running for 22 mins!! 🙂 In the space of 15 min I have gone from despair to elation and it feels a bit weird.

The only physical complaint I have today is that my toes were tingling a bit so I REALLY need to get some proper running shoes.  At the moment I am wearing my trusty old Reebok Classics…I know, I know, not good for serious running but I had to be sure that I was going to stick at this running malarkey before I paid for some proper shoes.  So does anyone have any suggestions for decent entry-level running shoes?  If you do I would love to hear from you.  Also I need an effective way to track my distance…sadly I can’t afford a Garmin and the moment and I don’t have an iPhone…any ideas?

So, mixed feelings while running today but it felt good to run out some pain (if you know what I mean)

Jules x


4 thoughts on “Day 22…Not so happy feet.

  1. 22 minutes – impressive. Back at work now so no opportunities to get out on my bike (boo) but my lights arrived today so I will prep the bike and consider going out in the evenings when the weather sorts out.

    Keep at it!

  2. I really think you won’t regret investing in some good running shoes. When I first started running I was having knee pain and after finally going to a running-specific store, where they evaluate your gait and can recommend the type of shoe you need (the amount of support varies), all my knee pain disappeared and I haven’t had any since. As far as tracking your distance, do you have a car? I used to measure out routes with the odometer on my car before I got a Garmin. You can also use to create routes and see the distances ahead of time. If you have a smartphone other than an iPhone that has GPS, there are apps out there that you can use.

    Way to go pushing through, even though it was emotional. We are really capable of so much more than we think.

    • I can always rely on you for great advice and support Caroline 🙂 I will have a look at mapmyrun and I might even get the fella to plan me a route in the car 🙂 I am definately going to get some proper running shoes now, I think it will help (and might make me feel like a real runner lol)

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