Day 17…Step away from the computer!

The only thing hard about todays run was having to drag myself away from my PC 🙂 I have now decided that from next week I will add 2 mins onto my total run time and see how it goes from there. I again did 18 mins of alternate running/walking easily and was hardly breathing heavily by the end so I feel its definitely time to raise the bar.

This week has been a busy week with lots of visitors in my house and lots of computers.  We currently have 6 computers on out home network and at one point it was 7!  So I have been eating plenty of crap food like Pizza…I’m not complaining but my heart soon will LOL.  I also have a new graphics card thanks to Scott  Thank you Scott 🙂

Rest day tomorrow and then hopefully Saturday will be my last 18 min run as like I said I will be adding 2 mins.

Back to SWTOR for me now 🙂

See you later guys



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