She shoots, she scores….

Today I managed to run after 3 days sick, I’m so happy!

I really didn’t think I would miss it as much as I have and I thought that going back to it today was going to be a real killer but it wasn’t 🙂

I managed to comfortably do 18 mins of alternate running/walking, it didn’t hurt and even Steve said that my face is not as red as it usually is LOL

My aim today was not to expect too much of myself as I have been pretty poorly over the last few days so I was just going to set my mind to do as much as I could but stop if I started to feel sick again or if it started to hurt but I didn’t need to and if that was not good enough I even shocked myself by getting into the ‘zone’ so much that I forgot to watch my time and forgot to switch back from running to walking, I actually overrun! (that’s the bit I am most pleased about!) So on the whole I am VERY happy 🙂

Tomorrow is my normal rest day and as I want to get back to my training schedule I will be resting and then resuming training on Tuesday.  I have a busy day tomorrow, preparing my home for the imminent visit from our close friend and Guild Master, Scott, who descends on us Monday evening.  Scott writes his own Blog about computer gaming HERE  I am sure he will be blogging about the next week (We call it RoFCon as in Ring of Fire Conference).  I will also Blog about it a bit so I am going to add a Gaming category.

Happy Running!

A VERY happy Jules x




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