CAUTION!! Germ Alert…

OK, so I slept 14 hours so I must have needed it! I am now feeling VERY fragile 😦 not to mention frustrated! I need to get back to training and so far this will be my 3rd day of missing my run. I am seriously not impressed now.  I am trying to not get all defeatist about it but I worked so hard last week only to ruin it all this week through no fault of my own.  I know its going to be hard to get back into it but I also know that I can do it…its just so disheartening at the moment 😦

Short post today as I am going to get a shower and see if that makes me feel a little more human…

A Poorly Jules (Still)



2 thoughts on “CAUTION!! Germ Alert…

  1. Aww, sorry you are sick. Don’t worry, though. Just start over when you are able. There will always be setbacks. A healthy lifestyle has to be forever, and it will never be a straight line. There is no rush to a goal, as it is forever anyway. You have plenty of time before your 5K in September. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    • Aww Thanks Caroline…I am starting feel a bit more human although its 11pm here so I doubt I will be running today LOL. I’ll just take it steady and hopefully I will raring to go tomorrow. Funny, I didn’t think I would start to miss it as quickly as I have…not complaining about that though 🙂 btw I read on your blog that you were out for a ‘long’ run…Did you go and how was it?

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