Talk about kicking a girl when she’s down…

Despite the fact that the trapped nerve is now fine and my shoulder is pain-free, I did not get to run today… actually I am lying, I did get to run…to the bathroom…to puke!  I now think I have that I have that horrid sickness bug that is going around Milton Keynes at the moment and I am so pissed about it 😦

I was so looking forward to running, I missed it yesterday but somehow I don’t think it would have worked to run clutching a bucket.

Marshall in the bathroom sink

Instead I played some Star Wars (having to look away from the screen when speeder riding as that was making me feel even more sick!) and then went for a lay down about 4pm. I napped for a few mins then woke as I needed the toilet.  When I came back I had to squeeze myself back into bed as my cat, Marshall,  had taken up all the room!  Some of you have met my cat and some of you have not so for those of you who have not met him, he is rather large and a bit of a Nutter.  I gave up trying to sleep again because Marshall was snoring so loud it was impossible so here I am writing this.

Once I gave up and came downstairs, he followed me down so I am going to try to get an early night while he is in the living room with Steve.

A Poorly Jules x


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