It’s All Fun & Games…


As you some of you know, running is a new venture in my life along with blogging and healthy eating (lots of Blogging but much less healthy eating going on here) so I thought I would tell you a little about my main hobby which is gaming.

I will pretty much give most computer games a go and if I like them I will play them to death but my first love is probably World of Warcraft.  I have various top-level characters and I raid the End-game content with my gaming mates with our Guild, The Ring of Fire.  I have also recently started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic…another amazing game.  My Guild Leader and good friend, Scott regularly reviews computer games on his YouTube Channel Grumpy Gaming HD so if you are into that kind of thing, pop over and have a look. He has also started a Blog HERE

When I get a few mins, I will make a list of all my favourite games for any of you that may be interested.


Ps. The trapped nerve appears to have un-trapped itself now so its just a bit sore now.  Hoping to run tomorrow WOOT!


One thought on “It’s All Fun & Games…

  1. Thanks for the comment… Luckily the treadmill was near the wall… I kept thinking what would happen if I got thrown off the treadmill, on my back or head haha

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