Day 8…What a killer!

I am absolutely knackered! I am so pleased that I again reached my goal of 18 mins but today for some reason by 10 mins it was really hurting and I had to will myself to carry on.  I had to really push myself today and the only reason I can give is that I was very naughty last night and played my new computer game until 6am! Yes, yes I know I am mad and I really should know better at my age, after all I am no longer the teenager that my brain believes me to be, I am an over-weight 30-something…I think it might be time to grow up a bit 😦

Still, the thought of Billie-Jane and all the money I am raising for Hope House spurred me on and I managed to keep going.

Billie was always such a happy child no matter what life threw at her and I miss her so much.

I am going to make an effort now to be a clean-living go to bed early (ish type) and see if it helps when I run next on Thursday.

I spoke to my Dad on the phone earlier…I haven’t spoke to him for almost 2 weeks which is quite unusual as I am a complete Daddy’s girl and usually speak to him every other day…Anyway he called me while I was on my run so I called him back after I was done and this was how the conversation went…

Jules: ‘Hi Dad, Sorry I didn’t answer the phone earlier, I was on my run’

Mr V: ‘You were what?’

Jules: ‘I was running’

Mr V: ‘You were what?’

Jules: ‘Dad, I was running, you know one foot in front of the other, quickly’

Mr V: ‘Hahahahahahaha’

Jules: ‘Yeah OK very funny Dad’

Needless to say once I told him what it was all about he was thrilled and despite the initial laughter really believes in me.

This week the support has been amazing and people are actually reading this Blog which is so cool..Thanks Guys!


Jules x







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