Life begins at 40…

Today, not wanting to do nothing I decided to have a go at Wii Fit Yoga.  I have to admit I am clumsy and pretty much stumble my way through life, stubbing toes and knocking elbows but I was impressed.  It felt really good to stretch out my muscles and it even helped to relieve a bit of that cramp from yesterday.  I am definitely going to continue this on days when I don’t run, it might even work as a warm up or cool down.  Do any of you do Yoga, I would love to hear from you if you do.

I also thought it was about time I re-took the Wii Fit body test.  I last did this when I bought the Wii Fit over a year ago and jumped off the Balance board in terror when it estimated my body age as 80!! After that I never got on it again.  Well I got on it today expected the board to scream for mercy and after going through the various tests it told me that since my last test, a year ago I have gained 9 pounds (No shit Sherlock!) and that my body ages is 40! Well considering I am actually 37, that had me rejoicing lol.  I am going to re-take the body test in 1 month and see if there is any improvement.

Back to running for a sec though…I am really looking forward to tomorrows run (wow I never thought I would ever hear myself say that!) and I think I might go and see if I can download some runners playlists for my mp3 player, you know the one that have cool music and a voice over telling you when to switch from walking to running…Does anyoone have any suggestions of good ones?  I love most kinds of music although I am not too keen on dance or HipHop with the exception of the odd track.

I am off now to partake in my favourite hobby, gaming as I have just had Star Wars: The Old Republic bought for me (Thank you Scott) and the download just finished 🙂

I am feeling the more positive now than I have for 2 years and it feels GOOD!

Jules x



2 thoughts on “Life begins at 40…

  1. Hi Jules.

    I have the Ministry of Sound Running Trax. Its really good to work out to. It has a steady tempo, great for running and a good selection of tracks.

    Give it a go!

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