RE-BLOG – IHOP, KOA, gym, laundry Sunday

Just thought that I would re-blog Caroline’s Blog as I have found it so inspiraional! Especially the Couch to 5K page…if you want to be inspired to have a go, read this!

My Fascinating Life

This morning Mack and I went to IHOP for breakfast while Chad slept in.


We never go to IHOP because there is not one near us in Northeast St. Pete. There is one, however, near the KOA where we had to pick Cal up, so we decided to try it this morning.


Can you tell that Mack really liked Rise of the Planet of the Apes last night?


Mack got the silver dollar pancakes and sausage and chose blueberry syrup and strawberry jelly as toppings.


I got a spinach and mushroom hash brown stack? Not sure what it was called, but it was good.


I was really pleasantly surprised with IHOP. I haven’t been there in forever. They had the calorie counts on the menu for all of the kids’ breakfasts, and also had many healthier options. Reminds me of when Chad and I went to Bob Evans for brunch…

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