Day Six…On a high!

I am so pleased with myself!

Today is Day 6 and I was determined to get as close to my 18 minute goal as possible and I DID IT!!!

Sorry to shout but I am just so happy to have a reached that goal.

I got off to a pretty shaky start earlier on in the week.  I found running harder than I expected and didn’t get anywhere near 18 mins but I managed to get into a better stride on Day 3 and made it to 16 mins.  Today I wanted to run a bit longer than 16 mins but I wasn’t too bothered if I didn’t quite make the 18.  Around the 10 min mark it started to hurt so I concentrated really hard on my music and by 13 mins I had managed to ‘run through it’ and felt ok 🙂 By 15 minutes I suddenly realised ‘Holy Crap! I only have 3 mins left!’ and at that point I was so happy that I felt like I could run to China and back 🙂 At 17 minutes I knew I could do it but I started to get a little cramp in my right calf 😦 But nothing was going to stop me this time so I carried on and I made it.  I MADE MADE!!!

I think a certain amount of this is down to frame of mind… As I said in my post earlier today, My best friend Michelle has taken on this challenge with me.  We started her fundraising page today and linked our pages together to form the Run for Billie Team.  I think doing this today put me in a more positive mood and that positivity really helped when it came to training. So I am going to dedicate today’s victory to Michelle Lambert , you are one in a million –  Love ya Babe xx

I have decided that once I have run 18 minutes consistently for a week I will move on to the Week 2 training.


A VERY happy Jules xx


4 thoughts on “Day Six…On a high!

  1. This is awesome! Cramps just seem to happen randomly and usually if I just keep running they will subside. If they are not debilitating, I keep going. I did get a very sharp “snap” and then pain in my left calf once and it was impossible to keep going. I could barely limp back to my car, and I had barely just started running…like maybe 10 strides into a run. No rhyme or reason. That time my calf was sore for several days. Anyway, general cramps happen all the time. You have to go with your gut, I think. Don’t push it if your gut is telling you it might be serious. A real injury could sideline you for weeks. Best of luck! You are doing great.

    • Thanks Caroline 🙂 The cramp today wasn’t bad enough to stop but I would have had it been too bad. Thank you so much for the support you have shown me so far…it means such a lot xx

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