A little help from your friends…or in my case a lot :)

Everyone needs a BFF! Mine happens to be a really cool young lady (term young  used loosely) called Michelle Lambert.

Apart from my partner Steve, Shell is my rock.  She supports me through every aspect of my life, the good times, the not-so-good times and the private really BAD times…she is amazing!

Without Shell and Steve I would not even have the strength to get my arse out of bed in the morning, especially since Billie-Jane passed away.

Why are you getting all gooey over your BFF? I hear you ask…Well Shell has decided to yet again step up and support me to the end by taking part in the MK Big Fun Run with me…I am so happy that I won’t be going through all that agony alone! I don’t think she realises what she has let herself in for as I want to run the whole course but she is fitter than me by a long way so she will be fine!

She has started her own Just Giving donation page, in memory of Billie-Jane and we have created the Run for Billie Team page.

Our combined target is now £500 by the time of the race in September.

Thank you to everyone who has already sponsored us already. I am at 62% of my personal target and as a team we are at 26% of our target, so its all good 🙂

Today is a training day so there will be a post up about that later tonight.


Jules x


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