Day Three and I am still plodding along…

I am so pleased with myself…Today, after a breakfast of a cigarrette and a Banana,  I managed fifteen and a half minutes of alternate running/walking so I am not far off that 18 minute goal.  It didn’t hurt nearly as much either 🙂 Although my face was very red 🙂

Tomorrow and Saturday are rest days but I think tomorrow I might do a bit of Yoga on the Wii to work on my breathing.  On Sunday I am going to see if I can push myself to either do an extra minute or even reach that 18 minute goal.  If I dont make it this week I won’t be too disapointed, I have until September to train for this and there is no point in trying to run before I can walk (excuse the pun)

Jules x




2 thoughts on “Day Three and I am still plodding along…

  1. I think you are doing really well. The hardest thing is to actually commit to it. From there it is just a matter of keeping in the habit.
    I guess the Yoga would help you in the same way the Zen does for me with the breathing.

    • Yeah that’s what I thought too Alex, it was you mentioning the zen thing that made me consider digging out some working batteries for my balance board and doing some Yoga lol.
      Thank you so much for your support by the way, I must say knowing that you are now doing the same kind of thing has spurred me on even more. Thank mate 🙂

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